58th Annual  "Hats Off To Women's Golf"

June 21 & 22, 2021

Esther Deissler and Virginia Anderson, were two ladies who were huge supporters of what is now known as the Oakland Beach Women's Golf League Women's Golf Invitational. Women from all over the country come to play in this two-day event.  This is a flighted event based on handicap and LPGA rules.

2021 marks the 58th year of the Women's Invitational.  This year our theme will be "Hat's Off To Women's Golf."  This year we are celebrating women who golf. We ROCK!  All participants are encourage to embrace the theme! Bring your hats! Decorate them, bling them, toss them or tip them!  Prepare to enjoy a fun filled event with your golf peers.

© 2020 Oakland Beach Women's Golf Invitational
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